Lilo and Stitch presenting an accurate representation of Hawaiians perspective on luaus held by tourists. 

#what’s sad about this is that this is actually what Hawaiians had to do when the western culture took over #a luau was a sacred practice #until the westerners took the concept and had the audacity to change it into a time to stuff your face with food and put on grass skirts and coconut bras and dance the hula #and when they had these events, they didn’t even let actual Hawaiian people in #so to make money to take care of themselves, the Hawaiians were hired to work in these disgraceful events to clean up after the tourists like slaves only to make less than a buck #so good job disney for doing your fucking research and educating these people #sadly, this still goes on even until today and it makes me sick

I forgot this isn’t common knowledge to other people

Real talk whoever the creative team on this movie was should stage a coup of Disney and just make more real shit like L&S

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#this looks like a promo for a new detective show#where Stiles is the mouthy cop that lives to wind up perps#and Derek is his grumpy ass partner that Stiles tried to crack laughs out of#and together they dramatically solve crime#take bullets for one another#knock out bad guys#get pinned in burning cars and refuse to leave each other#get cross at each other for scaring the crap out of one another#’you could have died’ ‘I could have died? YOU could have died’#all the while cleaning blood off each other’s faces#limping back into the office together elbowing one another#arguing cases and flirting across desks#finally making out after that one time their office exploded#and all they could think about was finding each other#standing in the ruins of the office kissing desperately#and the rest of their long suffering team sighing#like ‘oh we’ll just clean up and figure out who did this then shall we?’#js that’s what this looks like and how it should be bye (via felicitysmock)



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I’ve put together a simple chart that explains the various ways you should and shouldn’t summon a waiter over to your table, and the service you’re likely to receive accordingly.

Because if one more middle aged, obnoxious asshole goes “hey you!” and snaps their fingers at me, I WILL snap said person’s neck.

I waitressed my way through college and one night this guy yells at me “Oi! you with the tits!” and my co-worker Matthew walked up to him and said “yes?”



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